Sunpower X-Series Solar Panels. Photo: Sunpower

SunPower X-Series Solar Panels

Sunpower has just introduced the X-Series of Solar Panels for the Residential market. This is a new line of solar modules that has a verified efficiency level of 21.5% – a new record for the market. According to the company, this new efficiency level has been verified by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. Higher efficiency means fewer solar panels, which in turn equals a lower cost for you.

Using state of the art, third generation Maxeon solar cells, the new Sunpower X series has a copper foundation for very high reliability and performance. This foundation makes them virtually impervious to the corrosion that the industry has been fighting for years. They are not prone to cracking either, since copper is a more flexible metal than others used in the past.

These new modules have been widely tested in a variety of different environmental conditions from extreme cold to extreme heat and humidity, so they should stand up for years.

The real breakthrough – over and above the record efficiency – is that these modules can be used in AC solar applications, which have become very popular in the past couple of years. 

It looks like the new Sunpower X Series fills a nice niche in the market and the company says the new higher efficiency level will be appreciated by installers and home owners alike. Most of the larger solar panel manufacturers have actually been shying away from the residential market in favor of the larger industrial and commercial installations as there is a bigger market.

It is nice to see a company focus its efforts at the grass roots of renewable energy – the home owner. Take a look at the SunPower X series when they become available for sale in the next couple months. We will keep you informed of when they are available so you can see the specs and make a good decision about installing solar panels on your home.